Masaaki Umeda

UMEDA Masaaki
Dean, Graduate School of Science and Technology

Since its establishment 31 years ago, NAIST has disseminated the results of advanced research in the fields of science and technology both in Japan and overseas, and has produced many outstanding human resources. In 2018, the three graduate schools were integrated and the Graduate School of Science and Technology was established. With the long history of research achievements produced by the Graduate School of Information Science, the Graduate School of Biological Sciences, and the Graduate School of Materials Science as a base, we are further enhancing our world-level advanced research and education based on its outstanding research results. Among the Education Programs established in the Graduate School, from 2022 the Data Science Program and the Digital Green Innovation Program will aim to challenge the frontiers of interdisciplinary research covering the fields of information science, bioscience, and materials science, and we are further enhancing the development of human resources that society demands which are capable of comprehensively approaching issues and societal needs.

The rapid development of digitalization and global warming have brought about remarkable changes in the social and natural environment surrounding humankind in recent years. Fortunately, our Graduate School has established a system of close and organic collaboration among its diverse constituents, allowing it to respond flexibly to further changes in science and technology. In addition, support organizations within the university for both education and research are constantly being upgraded with new goals, and in the process, collaboration with overseas institutions, industry, and the community is rapidly progressing. We are confident that by leveraging and further strengthening these advantages in the future, this era of societal change will be an opportunity for the Graduate School to move forward. We sincerely ask for your understanding and cooperation in the continuing development of the Graduate School of Science and Technology.

April 1, 2022
UMEDA Masaaki
Dean of the Graduate School of Science and Technology