In NAIST, the "safety confirmation system" has been introduced (provided by SECOM) to prepare for predicted large earthquakes or other wide-area disasters as the most important contact method for NAIST and its members.

The safety confirmation system is a system in which NAIST sends e-mails to registered addresses from a server outside of NAIST when a wide-area disaster, such as an earthquake occurs. We can confirm people's safety status as soon as receiving safety status reports.
Please register your personal e-mail address, such as mobile phone's e-mail address at "Secom Safety Confirmation Service" to receive safety confirmation e-mails. When you receive a safety confirmation e-mail in a case of disaster, please report your safety status using this system immediately.
(Safety confirmation e-mails will be sent from Safety confirmation system:" in cases of emergency)

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in operating the Safety confirmation system.