NAIST has established the NAIST International Students Support Fund. The purpose of this fund is to support the academic and daily life of international students. The funds are donated by faculty and administrative staff as well as international exchange support groups.

Interest-Free Loan in Emergency

In case of emergency when money become necessary, international students may borrow funds to pay enrollment or tuition fees, the association gives a loan with repayment date.


Comprehensive Renters Insurance for International Students Studying in Japan

When international students rent an apartment, finding a guarantor is always very difficult. Through this insurance system, university can become a guarantor of international students and this insurance compensates for damages to a house or an apartment you rent within the stipulated period and amount under this system.

Premium: 4,000 yen (annual fee) *FY2014

Relief Insurance for International Students

This insurance compensates relief fund such as your family's travel expense to Japan in case of your urgent need of medical treatment or your death due to contingency or illness occurred during your stay here.

Premium: 1,000 yen (annual fee) *FY2014