The Graduate School of Science and Technology offers five Education Programs to choose from. Programs based on information sciences, biological sciences, and material sciences, which have been cultivated since the school's foundation, include Information Science and Engineering, Biological Science, and Materials Science and Engineering. Interdisciplinary programs that combine these disciplines include Data Science and Digital Green-innovation. The curriculum framework allows students to take courses to obtain advanced specialties while pursuing their career paths.


Education programs facilitating research in leading-edge science and technology

Information Science and Engineering

Degrees granted : Master's / Doctorate (engineering, science)

 A focused program fostering students to support our dynamic advanced information society, implementing further achievements in diverse fields. This program cultivates specialized knowledge and skills in computer hardware/information network technology, computer/human interaction and media technology, and computer systems to utilize robotics.

Biological Science

Degrees granted : Master's / Doctorate (biological science)

 A focused biological science program which fosters students who are able to contribute to the development of humankind and the conservation of the global environment through research and development related to the environment, energy, food and natural resources, and human health and longevity by equipping them with cutting-edge knowledge and skills in a wide range of fields, from the basic principles of life phenomena to the diversity of living organisms in animals, plants, and microorganisms.

Materials Science and Engineering

Degrees granted : Master's / Doctorate (engineering, science)

 A focused program fostering students with foundational knowledge of materials science and advanced knowledge to fully utilize their expertise in a program spanning solid state physics, device engineering, molecular chemistry, polymeric materials and bionano-engineering, and undertake next generation science and technology to maintain affluent living and support societal development.

Data Science

Degrees granted : Master's / Doctorate (engineering, science, biological science)

 An interdisciplinary program fostering students with a wide range of expertise in data- and AI-driven sciences in information, biological, and materials sciences, to find hidden 'value' and 'truth' through data processing, visualization, and analysis of huge amounts of data to contribute to science, technology, and societal development.

Digital Green-innovation

Degrees granted : Master's / Doctorate (engineering, science, biological science)

 An information, biological, and materials sciences interdisciplinary program which fosters students with advanced expertise in these three fields which support society and the economy, as well as comprehensive backgrounds to understand the adjacent interdisciplinary research fields, especially the interdisciplinary fields that encompass green and digital fields. These students can approach issues from various perspectives throughout society and will lead the utilization of digital green science and technology, which continues to develop in the green and digital fields, and innovation in society.

*Degree type decided based on subjects taken and thesis contents.

Educational programs that can be selected for each Division

DivisionInformation Science and EngineeringBiological ScienceMaterials Science and EngineeringData ScienceDigital Green-innovation
Information Science
Biological Science
Materials Science