UCDAVIS visits NAIST (October 31, 2009)


A three-member party from the University of California, Davis (UCDAVIS), Dr. Winston Ko, Dean of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, College of Letters and Science, Prof. John Voss, and Associate Prof. M. Saif. Islam visited NAIST on October 19.
NAIST concluded an institution-level academic exchange agreement with UCDAVIS on April 15, 2003, and the two parties have continued to promote exchanges in various fields.

This party was invited by NAIST to play the role of international supervisors for the interim examination of Ph.D. candidates from the Graduate School of Materials Sciences held on Awaji Island from October 20th to 22nd. They were welcomed to NAIST by President Akira Isogai, Vice President Kiyomi Kakiuchi, Executive Directors Atsuhiko Shinmyo, Kimikazu Sawada, Professor Masao Tanihara (Dean of Graduate School of Materials Science) and Professor Shun Hirota(Graduate School of Materials Science) and the two parties exchanged information and opinions.

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