Excursion for International Students (November 9, 2009)


An one-day excursion took place on Saturday, October 31 for international students to interact with each other, experience traditional Japanese culture, and understand the history of Japan. Twenty-one students first visited Yamato-koriyama in Nara, Japan's oldest goldfish breeding city. They experienced kingyosukui(goldfish scooping) and learned about goldfish breeding history. Then, they visited Ancient Ishibutai(stone stage) burial mound at the Asuka region and enjoyed walking around the area to see Tanada rice terrace. The last visit for this trip was Kannabinosato to experience mochi pounding. Through this excursion, they deepened the knowledge about Japanese culture and history, and also developed good relationships with each other. This excursion was valuable and successful, as seen from comments by the students that they were impressed with Japanese traditional culture.

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