President Isogai visits Chancellor Katehi, UC Davis(2010/2/3-5) (February 12, 2010)


President Isogai, accompanied by Dean Maki, Vice Dean Kawaichi and Professor Smith of the Graduate School of Biological Sciences, together with three administrative officers, visited the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) from February 3 to 5.

NAIST concluded an institution-level academic exchange agreement with UC Davis in April 2003, and the two universities have continued to promote exchanges in various fields. NAIST actively offers faculty and students research and study opportunities at UC Davis.

The delegation visited Chancellor Linda Katehi, Vice Provost William Lacy, Prof. Kenneth Burtis (Dean of the College of Biological Sciences), Prof. Bruce White (Dean of the College of Engineering), Prof. Winston Ko (Dean of the College of Letters and Science), and Dr. Dennis Pendleton (Dean of UC Davis Extension), with the purpose of strengthening international relationships and encouraging future academic exchanges.

Dr. Isogai also invited Japanese researchers and former NAIST students at UC Davis to gather for informal discussions over dinner.

The delegation also visited Dr. Takeda, Director of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science San Francisco Office, and Dr. Tanimoto, Executive Director of Osaka University San Francisco Center for Education and Research, to exchange information about diverse international activities.

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