Entrance Ceremony 2010 (April 5, 2010)


The 2010 Entrance Ceremony took place in Millennium Hall on April 5.

NAIST accepts not only students with a conventional academic background but also those with previous working experience as researchers and engineers, regardless of their nationalities or areas of previous study.

Successful candidates will have a clear vision of the future and high aims, along with a strong interest and motivation in conducting research in their chosen areas. We welcomed 424 new students at the ceremony.

The Governor of Nara Prefecture, Mr. Arai, the Mayor of Ikoma City, Mr. Yamashita, the Director of the International Institute for Advanced Studies, Dr. Oike and the Executive Director of the Foundation for Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Mr. Fukumori attended as guests and wished the new students success in their new life. A traditional Noh play was also performed at the ceremony.

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