The delegation from Ateneo de Manila University (March 15, 2011)


Prof. Fabian M. Dayrit (Dean of the School of Science and Engineering), Prof. Gregory L. Tangonan (Director of Ateneo Innovation Center), Associate Prof. Kardi Teknomo and Assistant Prof. Proceso, L. Fernandez, Jr. visited NAIST from March 15 to 16.

On March 15, President Isogai, Executive Director Shinmyo, Vice President Kakiuchi, and Prof. Seki from the Graduate School of Information Science welcomed the party and they exchanged information and opinions about future research and educational collaboration. After which, the delegates gave presentations to introduce Ateneo de Manila University and its research activity.

On March 16, NAIST faculty also introduced the latest research and discussed about their research activities. This visit was meaningful for both Ateneo de Manila University and NAIST in tightening their relationship.

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