A one-day excursion to Shiga for international students (June 22, 2014)


A one-day excursion to Shiga for international students was held on Sunday, June 22, to give an opportunity to international students to deepen the knowledge of Japanese history and culture and to develop their good relationship with each other.
The group of 37 students first visited Shigaraki area, which is one of the "Six Old Kilns" in Japan, to experience tebineri (hand formation). After getting advice from the staff, they created pottery in their own style.
They next visited Hikone Castle to see the castle tower kept intact from the centuries ago and the beautiful Genkyu-en Garden. From the top of the castle tower, they enjoyed panoramic view of Hikone town and Lake Biwa.
The last visit for this trip was to Kongorinji temple. After learning history of the temple through the lecture given by the chief priest, they strolled the temple grounds filled with hydrangea.
All in all the trip was very fruitful as they learned Japanese culture through visiting historical architectures and hands-on experience of traditional craft.

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