One-day Excursion to Himeji for International Students (May 14, 2017)


The One-day Excursion to Himeji for International Students was held on Sunday, May 14 to give an opportunity for NAIST international students to deepen their knowledge of Japanese history and culture as well as to strengthen a sense of community among our students.

First, the group of thirty-six students visited National Treasure and World Heritage Site Himeji Castle. Under a clear blue sky, the international students walked around the fortified castle system toward the main post protected by moats, several gates, stone walls, three small posts, and connected towers while listening to the guides. The international students were impressed by the Himeji Castle's bright white plaster, applied during the last restoration which was finished two years ago.

Next, the international students experienced making nerikiri, a type of Japanese unbaked sweets. The instructor carefully demonstrated how to make them, so the international students were able to successfully make their own nerikiri, using the Japanese sweets techniques.

The participants commented that they were able to feel Japanese history and culture. Additionally, many of them thought this experience at the magnificent Himeji Castle, in making nerikiri, and the whole excursion would be a memory they would talk about long after they leave NAIST.

Finally, we feel that this One-day Excursion to Himeji offered much more for the international students than we had planned, and we hope through this they become more acquainted with Japanese culture.

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