[Update] Team NAIST-Panasonic chosen as Amazon Robotics Challenge finalist

Information Science 2017/07/03

Team NAIST-Panasonic, whose members are from both NAIST and Panasonic, has been chosen to be a finalist team in the international robotic contest "Amazon Robotics Challenge 2017."
The Amazon Robotics Challenge is held by Amazon Robotics LLC and this third challenge of 2017 is being held in Japan for the first time. The challenge will be held at Robocup 2017 Nagoya Japan, July 27th - 30th, and 16 teams from Australia, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Holland, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan and the US will participate. They will be judged on the performance of their cutting-edge robot hardware and software in the tasks of automated picking and handling.
The contest consists of robots outfitted with elemental technology such as object recognition, attitude control, grasp planning, compliant manipulation, motion planning, task planning, task execution, and error detection/correction. Robot performance will be scored based on the number of products each robot successfully handles in certain timeframe.
We wish the team luck and hope they are perform well using their skills, research results and ingenuity.


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