University of California, Davis Delegation Visit (November 14th, 2018)


On November 14th, 2018, Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor/Distinguished Professor of Classics & Comparative Literature Ralph Hexter and Univ. Librarian & Vice Provost/Digital Scholarship Mackenzie Smith from University of California, Davis visited NAIST.

During the courtesy visit, President Yokoya, Vice President/Executive Director Kakiuchi, Vice President/Executive Director Hakoshima, Institute for Research Initiatives Associate Professor Miyake, and Institute for Educational Initiatives Global Relations Administrator Shimamoto welcomed the delegation and they exchanged information and opinions on collaboration between UC Davis and NAIST.

Research collaboration between UC Davis and NAIST has been continuing since 2003, and we have strengthened our relationship by various activities, such as English and Science Program for students, Faculty Development, Staff Development Program, and International workshop, where UC Davis students come to NAIST every year. NAIST also established an international collaborative laboratory on the UC Davis campus in 2015 to strengthen our international network of researchers through collaborative research.

This visit was a beneficial opportunity for both sides to strengthen relationship and encourage future cooperation between the UC Davis and NAIST.

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