2019 NAIST Spring Graduation Ceremony (March 22, 2019)


On Friday, March 22, 2019, a graduation ceremony was held in the Millennium Hall and 382 students received diplomas.
At the ceremony, President Yokoya conferred diplomas to the students and gave them a congratulatory speech, followed by a speech by Mr. Shigekazu Nakamura, the Executive Director of the Foundation for NAIST and Dr. Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, the chairperson of the NAIST Alumni Association.
Then Best Student Awards were then awarded to 14 selected students by the Foundation for NAIST.
In addition, the chamber music ensemble, which has become an annual tradition by students and the staff volunteers, performed as well.

At the party held after the ceremony, graduates enjoyed the party together with President, Executive Directors and their supervising professors in a friendly atmosphere.

*Number of Graduates in March
【Master's Graduates】
Information Science 129 (6 International students)
Biological Sciences 129 (1 International students)
Materials Science 94 (1 International students)

【Doctoral Graduates】
Information Science 11 (6 International students)
Biological Sciences 4
Materials Science 12 (2 International students)
Science and Technology 2

【Graduates who completed the Doctoral program by submitting the dissertation】
Information Science 1

Total 382

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