2020 NAIST Spring Graduation Ceremony (March 24, 2020)


On Tuesday, March 24, 2020, a graduation ceremony was held in the Millennium Hall and 359 students received their diplomas.
NAIST held the graduation ceremony on a shortened schedule and reduced scale to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), and the ceremony was held with only the representatives of the graduating class in attendance.
At the ceremony, President Yokoya conferred diplomas to the representatives of the graduating class and gave them a congratulatory speech.
Then Best Student Awards were awarded to 14 selected students by Vice President Kakiuchi on behalf of the Foundation for NAIST.
Also, by distributing the ceremony in real time over the Internet and opening the venue after the ceremony for commemorative pictures, graduates and their families who could not attend could also share in the celebration.

*Number of graduates in March
【Master's graduates】
 Information Science 2 (1 International student)
 Science and Technology 321 (19 International students)

【Doctoral graduates】
 Information Science 12 (3 International students)
 Biological Sciences 12 (2 International students)
 Materials Science 9 (3 International students)
 Science and Technology 2

【Graduates who completed the doctoral program by submitting the dissertation】
 Biological Sciences 1

 Total 359

【Congratulatory remarks NAIST President】

【Congratulatory remarks Chairperson of the NAIST Alumni Association】

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