【To Prospective Students】How to submit the score of TOEIC Listening & Reading IP test(online)2020/09/01


 The applicants who intend to apply for the examinations below can submit the TOEIC Listening & Reading IP test (online) score report as an English certificate.

 Please refer to the following information for more details.


Master's course 2021 spring admission 2nd entrance examination (online interview)

Acceptable score

TOEIC Listening & Reading IP test(online)score

How to submit
  1. Print your score report (PDF) by yourself
  2. Ask the company or school where you took the test to issue a letter which states your score is genuine. (Any format is acceptable).

    The letter must include;
    ① The name of the company or school that offered the test
    ② Your test date
    ③ Name of the test taker (you)
    ④ Your test registration number
    ⑤ Listening score
    ⑥ Reading score
    ⑦ Total score
    ⑧ Name, job title, and official seal of the person who is authorized to testify to these contents
  3. Submit both 1. and 2. within the following submission periods.
Submission periods
  1. Application period(September 14th - September 16th, 2020 【Applications postmarked by 16th September will be accepted.】)
  2. October 8th - October 12th, 2020* (Application should arrive at NAIST no later than October 12th, 2020,)
  3. *The "Submission Form for Document Verifying English Proficiency" should be enclosed with the English score when submitting the score to arrive between October 8th - October 12th, 2020.

Please refer to FAQ for online interviews for more information.

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