2021 NAIST Fall Entrance Ceremony (October 4, 2021)


On Monday, October 4, 2021 an entrance ceremony was held in Millennium Hall, taking preventative measures against the new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

NAIST eagerly promotes admission of students whether from Japan or overseas with strong basic academic capabilities without being bound to a major field in university as well as researchers, engineers and others currently working actively in society who have clearly defined goals and aspirations for the future as well as strong interest and enthusiasm for research fields. This fall 92 graduate students were granted admission to NAIST.

The ceremony was broadcast live on the internet for the students could not enter Japan in time for the ceremony under this pandemic situation, and more than 50 spectators watched the ceremony through it.

*Number of Enrollees in October

[Master's Course]
 Graduate School of Science and Technology 42 (32 international students)

[Doctoral Graduates]
 Graduate School of Science and Technology 50 (40 international students)

 Total 92 (72 international students)

【Congratulatory Remarks to Entering Students】

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