International student performance video viewing (April 26 & 27, 2022)


Two viewings of international student performances were held on April 26th & 27th in the Millennium Hall.

At NAIST, over the past years it has been a tradition to hold an international friendship meeting to promote friendship and interaction between our international students, international researchers, faculty and staff, and various international fellowship organizations. It included performances by our international community and was a fun event where international students and researchers made friends and strengthened ties on campus, and was an opportunity to express our thanks for the generous support we receive from off-campus organizations and local governments. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have cancelled this event two years in a row.

While we still could not hold the international friendship meeting this winter, this year we asked our international students to record their performances and they have been collected in a performance video. We sent the video to the above support organizations, etc. in March and this time held a viewing of this video on campus for our students, faculty and staff.

The video opens with greetings from President Shiozaki and is followed by a performance by the NAIST Kungfu Club, a dance performance by an international student group, a traditional dance performance by NAIST Malaysian students, a cooking show made by NAIST Thai students, a traditional Indonesian instrument performance by Indonesian students, a guitar/vocal performance by a Filipino student, a nostalgic performance of "Sukiyaki" by an Ivorian (Côte d'Ivoire) student, and closes with a German student's rendition of a Bach composition.

Roughly 60 students, faculty and staff attended the viewings and the individual videos were met with applause and cheers, with all enjoying watching our talented students' masterpieces.

★We will make the video available on a limited basis for NAIST faculty, staff and students until 23 May.
We ask that you do not copy, distribute or otherwise use the contents of the video in way shape or form.

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