2022 NAIST Winter Graduation Ceremony (December 22, 2022)


On Thursday, December 22, 2022, a graduation ceremony was held in the Kenshu Hall on the 1st floor of Interdisciplinary Frontier Research Complex No.2.
President Shiozaki presented degrees and gave the congratulatory speech to the graduates.
The ceremony was broadcast live on the internet and after the ceremony, Kenshu Hall was open for commemorative photos.
After the ceremony, the graduates enjoyed a pleasant talk in a friendly atmosphere.

* Number of Degree Conferrers in December

【Doctoral Graduates】

Graduate School of Information Science 1(1 International students)

【Graduates who are conferred the Doctoral degrees through dissertation submission】

Graduate School of Science and Technology 2(0 International students)

Total 3(1 International students)

【Congratulatory Remarks to Graduating Students】

Graduates receiving their diploma.
Graduates receiving their diploma.
A congratulatory speeches by President SHIOZAKI.
A congratulatory speeches by President SHIOZAKI.

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