Bayanihan, save the people, save the country - students from Philippines develop a flood mapping system

Information Science 2011/03/29

Students from the Philippines developed a Web 2.0 front-end for flood
mapping systems. In their home country, a number of people suffer from
floods caused by tropical cyclones. To mitigate the damage of flooding in
the country of "People Power", the spirit of Bayanihan (a Filipino word for
"cooperation") is essential. Mr. Ramon Mejia and his colleagues developed a
system through which people can submit hazard and rescue information related
to heavy flooding. The collected information is integrated, organized, and
then fed back to people so that they can help each other in the form of
alerts, categorized incident reports and flood maps. This crowdsourcing
mechanism will contribute to transform the spirit of Bayanihan to real
action by people during disasters.


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