Prof. Hitoshi Kawaguchi (Graduate School of Materials Science) received the Prizes for Science and Technology (Research Category) by MEXT on April 11, 2011.

Materials Science 2011/05/18

The pioneering study of bistable semiconductor lasers and an optical RAM.

I first met "bistability" 36 years ago, when I engaged in the study of semiconductor lasers for optical fiber communications at Musashino Electrical Communication Laboratory, Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Public Corporation (now changed to NTT). Since then, I have been continuing the study of bistable semiconductor lasers as my lifework with other research topics at Yamagata University and NAIST. Fortunately, I have successfully demonstrated basic functions of an optical RAM using bistable semiconductor lasers recently, in support of Sakigake (Precursory Research for Embryonic Science and Technology, JST) and CREST (Core Research of Evolutional Science & Technology, JST). I deeply acknowledge the people at NAIST who recommended to the award and researchers and students who worked together.


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