An OsCEBiP/OsCERK1-OsRacGEF1-OsRac1 Module Is an Essential Early Component of Chitin-Induced Rice Immunity

Biological Science 2013/04/18

Postdoc Researcher Akira Akamatsu, Professor Ko Shimamoto and their group members
Laboratory of Plant Molecular Genetics, Graduate School of Biological Sciences

In plants, perception of microbe-associated molecular patterns (MAMPs) by pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) initiates immune response, MAMP-triggered immunity (MTI). OsCEBiP, a chitin-binding protein, and OsCERK1, a receptor-like kinase, are plasma membrane (PM) proteins that form a receptor complex essential for fungal chitin-driven immune responses in rice. The signaling events immediately following chitin perception are unclear.

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