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Sentan Nursery application for temporary stay of the user and their child

This is the user application form for NAIST’s Plus α childcare, Sentan Nursery
・ We accept children between ages 57 days old and 6th grade in primary school.
・You can use the nursery "Sentan" from 7:00 to 22:00 on weekdays, weekends, and holidays while you are enrolled at the university.
・Please check the reservation status before use. If you are unable to confirm your order from this site, please contact us .
・After receiving a duplicate key, the user can issue a guest key to a family member (guardian of the user's child) via the smart key application.
・After using the Sentan Nursery, please send us the usage report by the next day.
・You can visit the nursery at any time. Please feel free to contact us.

* are required

* Affiliation

* Occupation (if you are a student, please state whether you are in the first or second semester and your year of study)

* Name of user

Last name First name

* Email address

* Emergency contact details such as phone number

- -

* Name of user’s child, gender, age (Date of birth)

e.g. ) Sentan Taro, male 5 years old (born October 3, 2013)
※ If you have multiple children, please state the other child’s details in a new line.

* Scheduled day of use

Year Month Date

* Scheduled opening hours (e.g. : 10:00~14:00)

* Name and relationship of family members who will be issued a guest key under the responsibility of the user.

e.g. )Hanako Sentan, wife

 If there are people staying temporarily with the user, a breakdown of these people

e.g. )Two adults, three children

* Consent

Please check the following checklist and choose from the above.
  ・ I will use the Sentan Nursery for the child in question for temporary childcare purposes and for
   temporary stay of the user and the child.
    I will not use this facility except for these purposes.
  ・ On using the Sentan Nursery “Key points to bear in mind in using the facility” I will abide by the
   contents listed in
  ・ The use of Sentan Nursery is exclusive to the users, their children and carers chosen by the user
  ・ After establishing the application for a temporary stay of the user and their child, using the facility
   for temporary childcare on the same date and time.
    If there was an application, we will cancel the application for a temporary stay.
  ・ The user or the chosen caretaker by the user will use the room under the responsibility of the user
   and will leave the room in its original state after use.
  ・ The user will be responsible for using the Sentan Nursery.
  ・ The user will be responsible for the safety of the children.

* Use as a satellite office

Faculty and staff who are unable to secure a place to leave their children and need to go to work can use the nursery as a temporary satellite office.

  Consent for use as a sattellite office

Please check the following information and select one of the options above.
   ・ The employment manager has agreed that I use the nursery as a temporary place to stay on
   ・ I am responsible for the management of the materials.

Other (Notes, etc.)

* On your personal smartphones and tablets

Do not have
・ Sentan Nursery has an electronic lock, so you will be able to use it on the day of your booking by downloading the app on your device.
・If you do not have a device, you will be able to lock and unlock using the metal key at the Gender Equality Office. If you are using this service, we will be renting the metal key at the Gender Equality Office. You can return it between 9:00~16:00 on weekdays. Please contact the Gender Equality Office for more information.

For those who have a personal device such as a smartphone
On the electronic lock (smart lock)   
You will first need to register your account on the specific app which needs to be installed on your personal devices such as your smartphone to use the smart lock function.
Install the app which is compatible with your smartphone from the following website, and complete registering your account (please make sure that you register the same email address as the one you sent in your application to use the Sentan Nursery).
(Website to download the app)
★ We will send you information on the spare key through email from the Gender Equality Office by your booking day. You will be able to open and close the electronic lock by clicking the “Use spare key” in the main text of the email, and you will be able to use the Sentan Nursery. (The spare key information is only valid for 24 hours after issuance.)

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