If you plan to work in Japan subsequent to completing your studies, be aware that you must change your status of residence. There are different categories of status of residence, each of which requires different types of documents. If you are hired as a post-doctorate researcher, for example, your status will change to "Professor". In general the category will be "Researcher" or "Engineer" if you will be working for a company.

Required Documents (In case of changing to the "Professer" status)

  1. Application for Permission to Change of Status of Residence [EXCEL]
  2. Certificate of employment
  3. Passport
  4. Certificate of financial support (in case the international student is on scholarship)
  5. Residence card
  6. 4,000 yen (fee)
  7. Graduation/Expected graduation certificate for both master's and doctoral courses
  8. Overview of employer (not required for students who will be employed at the university)