Request for Supervision of Research

When there is a request for a graduate student from another university to be placed as a Special Research Student at NAIST, permission is granted by the Dean of the graduate school concerned based on consultations between the two universities and faculty meetings.

Application Procedures

Applicants should submit their application, using the below application form with a certificate of student registration, to the NAIST Student Affairs Division by way of their university of graduate studies.

Term of Research

Ordinarily the term of research is one year or less. However, for doctoral students with special requirements with regard to their research, extensions may be granted based on a request from the student's graduate university. Extensions cannot be granted to master's students.

Student Identification Card

In order to receive a student identification card, please submit a photograph (3.0 x 2.4 cm) after admission.


  1. No examination or entrance fees are charged.
  2. No tuition is charged for students from national universities in Japan.
  3. Students from municipal, private or foreign universities must pay the same tuition as NAIST research students. However, students from partner institutions may have their tuition exempted in some cases. Please contact us for further details.