2018 Guidelines

If you wish to study single or multiple subject(s) in the Graduate School, your application will be accepted on condition that relevant educational and research activities at the school concerned are not affected, and that you successfully pass the screening. Please follow the guidelines below to make an application.

1. Qualifications

University graduates, or those who are recognized as possessing equivalent academic ability by the graduate school concerned

2. Application Procedure

After obtaining informal consent from the faculty member(s) of the desired course(s), submit your application documents with the examination fee to the Educational Affairs Division.

3. Application Documents

  1. Application Form for Non-Degree Students (designated form)
  2. Graduation certificate and academic transcript from the last school attended
  3. Two photographs (size 3.0×2.4 cm showing the face clearly, with your name and nationality in block letters on their back. One is to be put on the application form.)
  4. Envelope for mailing the results of the screening (Applicant's address, name and postal code should be written on it and 372 yen stamps attached. The amount of stamps to be attached on an envelope is subject to change according to the postage charge.)

(affix stamps worth 372 yen to a self-addressed, standard-size #3 envelope)
*1. Please also submit a copy of "resident card"(Both Sides).

4. Examination Fee

9,800 yen

  1. Payable by the end of February for April admission
  2. Payable by August 31th for October admission

*1 Enrollment starts on April 1 or October 1.

5. Enrollment Period

Up to 12 months within a single academic year. However, a 12-month extension may be granted if an application for enrollment period extension is made.

6. Credit Recognition

  1. In principle, credits can be acquired only from lecture-only courses.
    (There are some lectures you can not select, please contact Academic Affairs Section).
  2. The number of courses and credits available are limited by the educational and research activities of the graduate school concerned.
  3. Credit certificates are issued upon request

7. Selection and Result Notification

In principle, student selection is based on evaluation of submitted documents. Result will be sent out in the envelope submitted with the application.

8. Enrollment Fee and Tuition

  1. Enrollment Fee: 28,200 yen (estimate)
  2. Tuition: 14,800 yen (per course for 2018 estimate)

*1 Failure to pay the enrollment fee by the due date will result in cancellation of admission.
(Payment date will be advised with the notification of acceptance.)
*2 Tuition should be paid in April for courses in the first half of the academic year, and in October for courses in the second half.

9. Miscellaneous

  1. Examination fee, enrollment fee and tuition will not be refunded for any reason.
    Examination fee, enrollment fee and tuition are waived for government-financed international students.
  2. Please contact the Educational Affairs Division for further information

Application Form for Non-Degree Students (PDF: 124KB)

January 2018

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