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Please support NAIST's endeavor to nurture the leaders of tomorrow in science and technology

Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) was established in 1991 as a national graduate university without undergraduate programs. It has been conducting world-class advanced research, leading to the resolution of global issues and the creation of new knowledge and innovations that promote a virtuous economic cycle and social change.

In addition to promoting academic research, NAIST's mission includes educating young talents who will lead the way in creating value for the next generation. Since its establishment, NAIST has sent more than 10,000 master's and doctoral graduates into society.

However, amidst the recent changes in social conditions, the situation surrounding NAIST is becoming severe, leaving the university with difficulty securing sufficient financial resources for the excellence of its graduate training. To continue and further develop the graduate education at NAIST, we have established the "NAIST Supporters Club" and seek your understanding and support.

Through the various activities of the NAIST Supporter's Club, we hope to expand the "circle of co-creation" with society. Please join the force to accomplish the NAIST's mission of creating a better tomorrow.

About the Supporters Club

To operate as a club, your membership fees are contributed to the NAIST Fund, which will be used to support the graduate education and training of NAIST students. Your contributions will provide financial support for them and improve the academic environment at NAIST so that students can concentrate on their research and participate in enhanced training programs, including overseas study programs. Through these efforts, the Supporter's Club assists NAIST in its mission of nurturing the next generation of global leaders who will create value for a better future.
NAIST Supporters Club Agreement (as of October 1st 2023)

Membership benefits

The membership benefits include:

  1. Receiving information on research and education at NAIST, and consultations for joint research, etc.

    A consultation service (concierge desk) is available exclusively for members. Please feel free to contact us for consultation.  

  2. Opportunities to meet with NAIST executives, faculty, staff, and students

    Annual Club meetings and other opportunities will be provided for interaction with the NAIST President, executives, staff, as well as students supported by the Club.

  3. Invitations to NAIST-sponsored events

    Invitations to public lectures, symposia, "Naispo! (NAIST campus festival) and other events held by NAIST.

  4. Acknowledgement of members' names through NAIST's PR activities

    Names of the Club members who have consented to the publication of their names will be posted on the website and other public relations channels.

    Member list
  5. "NAIST Supporter" name rights and logo use

    Club members are entitled to use the name "NAIST Supporter"and the Club logo in their PR activities.

Supporter's Club meeting

A Club meeting will be held annually to present project updates and encourage member communication.

Membership fee and How to join

  1. Membership fee
    individual members or sole proprietors (self-employed) :
    10,000 yen per unit per fiscal year x 1 unit or more

    Payment of the membership fee can be made by credit card (Japanese page only) or bank transfer.
    The membership period begins on the date of admission and ends on March 31 of the fiscal year that includes the date of admission.
  2. How to join
    Please submit the membership application form to the NAIST Supporters Club Office (naist-supporters-club[at] (Change the [at] in the address to @)) or apply via the web form.
    The Club Office will send you information about the payment of the membership fee. Upon payment, you will become a member.

Tax Benefits (for members residing in Japan)

Membership fees are eligible for tax benefits.

  1. Income Tax Deduction
    The amount of the donation minus ¥2,000 can be deducted from your income for the relevant year, along with other deductions.
    ※The maximum deductible donation amount is 40% of your gross income.
  2. Resident Tax Deduction
    If you reside in Osaka or Nara Prefecture on January 1st of the year following your donation, you are entitled to a tax credit for prefectural taxes.
    *Tax incentives may also be available for municipal resident tax based on your area of residence. For details, please check with your local municipal tax office.

Privacy Policy

The personal information that you provide to us shall be used solely for your membership administration and the legitimate purposes of Club activities. All personal information will be handled appropriately in accordance with laws and regulations. Donations will be handled in accordance with the regulations of the NAIST Endowment Fund; by making a donation, you agree to these rules.

<For inquiries>

NAIST Supporters Club Office

8916-5 Takayama-cho, Ikoma, Nara, Japan
E-mail: naist-supporters-club[at]
※Please replace [at] with @ above.