NAIST hopes all students will be able to enjoy a comfortable life on campus. However, if you have any difficulties or are not sure where to turn to for help, please feel free to contact the consultants for students at the Educational Affairs Division. Appointments can be made by telephone, e-mail, or in person at the Educational Affairs Division or International Affairs Division. Counseling will be provided in a separate room for privacy.
The following services are also provided.

  1. Your faculty advisors can offer consultation and advice on issues with study and research (NAIST has a multi-instructor system).
  2. The Health Care Center provides consultations on physical and mental health issues. Appointments can be made with a professional counselor who provides a counseling service in English at the center several times a month. For details, see the Web page of the Health Care Center
  3. A harassment counselor can offer consultation and advice on harassment issues.
  4. The Educational Affairs Division staff can offer assistance on issues with course completion, scholarships, student dormitories, and issuance of certificates.