To contribute to the maintenance of international peace and security as a Japanese education and research institution through implementation of measures for the appropriate management of security export control at NAIST

2. Actions subject to regulation

  • Exporting materials
    (Providing research samples or experiment equipment collaborative researchers abroad, etc.)
  • Providing technology outside of Japan
    (Disclosing, etc. of research achievements by email or in person abroad to collaborative researchers abroad)
  • Providing technology to non-Japanese persons in Japan
    (Providing technical information to international students who have resided in Japan less than 6 months or foreign researchers with short-term visas)
  • Providing technology to a resident (including Japanese) who falls under a specific category
    About "Specific Categories" (METI website)

3.Types of regulations

If you will perform "export of materials" or "transfer of technologies" which falls under the following regulations, you need to obtain a license from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry in advance.

  • List Control
    Regulations based on the list of regulated items that have a high possibility of being used in the development, etc. of weapons, weapons of mass destruction, etc., which contains details including the types and specs of materials and technologies.
  • Catch-all Control
    Items other than those in the list above that are regulated when the materials to be exported or the technology to be provided have the possibility of being used in the development, production or use of weapons or weapons of mass destruction. These require material/technology End-use confirmation and End-user Confirmation.

    METI has issued the "Foreign End-user List" exporters with information on foreign companies/organizations for which there are concerns over the development, etc. of weapons of mass destruction, etc.

4. Outline of security export control


5. Organizational structure for security export control

Please contact the Research Planning Section, Cooperative Research Division for questions and concerns related to this.
Ext.:5157, 5158
Email: k-chosei[at]ad.naist.jp

6. Related NAIST regulations, etc.