Pregnancy and childbirth in Japan

After a pregnancy is confirmed through a medical examination, the mother will need to receive a "Maternal and Child Health Handbook" from city hall in order to receive various support offered by the government (A "Pregnancy Notification Form" must be submitted to city hall for this.) This handbook is a comprehensive health record for pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare, and contains administrative, health, and childcare information related to pregnancy and infant care. When this handbook is issued, the mother will also be given information on consultation services for health concerns and guidance, and other issues. In addition, subsidy coupons that cover a portion of the cost of regular health checkups at maternity hospitals from pregnancy to delivery can be received at the same time. Foreign nationals are also eligible for this assistance as long as they have a residence card and have registered their place of residence.
Medical insurance in Japan does not cover the costs of childbirth, but insured persons are eligible for a lump-sum childbirth and childcare allowance (up to approximately 500,000 yen). Childbirth costs vary with the hospital, but most people pay approximately 50,000-150,000 yen out-of-pocket. Out-of-pocket costs can arise not only from delivery costs, but also private room charges, extended hospital stays, and changes in the delivery method (from natural to cesarean, epidural anesthesia, etc.).
Once a child is born there are various registration procedures that must be completed to ensure he/she can receive the available support, etc. and to secure the proper paperwork for citizenship, etc. at city hall, the immigration office and at the embassy or diplomatic institution. Please see the International Student Handbook   more details and feel free to consult with CISS or the International Division about whatever issues or questions you may have.

Preventive vaccinations for children

In Japan, there are two types of vaccinations offered to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, standard vaccinations that are administered through local governments free of charge and voluntary vaccinations that children's parents/guardians choose to receive and their costs must be paid by the parents/guardians. (Local governments may offer some financial support for these.) The children of registered foreign nationals who reside in Japan may receive the standard vaccinations free of charge as well. If you will bring your child to Japan, please make sure to bring a record of which vaccinations your child received in your home country. If possible, bring an English translation of your child's vaccination history with you, so that it will be easier to determine the type, timing, and order of the vaccinations to be given in Japan. Also, be sure to consult with a doctor before receiving vaccinations.