Pregnancy and child birth in Japan

There are many free governments services for expecting mothers in Japan like health guidance for pregnancy, health examinations, etc. International students/researchers can receive these services if they obtain a residence card and report their residential address to the municipality. Upon confirmation of pregnancy, the mother needs to submit a report to the municipal office to receive a maternity passbook (Boshi Kenkô Techô), which contains useful information and is also used to record the mother's and baby's health conditions.
While costs for giving birth are not covered by the National Health Insurance, insurance members usually receive a subsidy (maximum JPY 420,000) for birth and childcare.
Once a child is born there are various registration procedures that must be completed to ensure he/she can receive the available support, etc. and to secure the proper paperwork for citizenship, etc. at city hall, the immigration office and at the embassy or diplomatic institution. Please see the International Student Handbook more details and feel free to consult with CISS or the International Division about whatever issues or questions you may have.

Preventive Vaccinations for Children

Local government gives free vaccinations to protect children from infectious diseases. These services may be received free after completing resident registration at the local municipality. When travelling internationally with children, a record of injections and special vaccinations is important. If it is possible, preparing English materials concerning vaccinations received will facilitate the vaccination process. Consult a doctor about your children's medical history before receiving any vaccinations.

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