In general, foreigners who will reside in Japan for three months or more are required to complete the following procedures at the city hall for their residential area. This should be done within two weeks of arriving in Japan. For complete details of what is required, please contact the municipality directly.

At city hall

All foreigners who plan to reside for more than three months must register their residence at city hall. (Make sure to bring your Residence Card and 'My Number' if you have already lived in Japan) For students and those scholars who will not be employed by NAIST, you must:

  • Enroll in the National Health Insurance program
  • Enroll in the National Pension program and apply for payment exemption.

If you will be employed at NAIST, you will be automatically enrolled in the Employee's Pension Program and the health insurance program, so you need not enroll in either of the above. For more information about this, please contact the Welfare Section of the Personnel Division.

For those students and scholars who will bring children:

  • Go to the Children's Division and complete the child allowance paperwork and receive the "moving-in notification form."
  • Go to the Health Division, located in Serabi Ikoma, a separate building, to submit the moving-in notification form and receive the Mother-child Health Book (or arrange for it to be sent to you)

After completing these procedures the Health Division will then send you information about vaccinations and check-ups.

*If you receive any envelope in Japanese from city hall that you do not understand cannot read, please bring it to your laboratory or the International Affairs Division.