NAIST started the tutor program to assist students in starting their life here at NAIST. For up to the first month international students may have a tutor from the laboratory they join in order to help them in their academic and daily lives. Tutors assist students in getting around campus and meeting new people, and often help students gain a firm grasp of the local area and getting around NAIST for shopping, etc. Eligible students are contacted before their arrival about the tutor program.

CISS (Center for International Students and Scholars) : ciss[at]

For inquiries or further information you may contact the respective section below:

  • For information concerning international students
    International Student Affairs Section: ryugaku[at]
  • For information concerning NAIST employees & international scholars employed by NAIST
    Welfare Section (Personnel Division): fukuri[at]
  • For information concerning other international scholars
    International Affairs Section: kokusai[at]>