The Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) is a community that encompasses students, faculty and staff of diverse identities and backgrounds. As members of this community, we must create and maintain an environment where we all can study and work to our full potential in order for NAIST to continue its contributions to the development of science, technology and society.

The Co-creative Community we aspire to is a community where members strive for the creation of new value through the exchange of opinions with courtesy and empathy. We value our individual differences and pursue mutual understanding and respect while rejecting discrimination. In order to embody our commitment to fostering the Co-creative Community at NAIST, we make the following declaration:

  1. Our community is comprised of members with various differences, including race, ethnicity, nationality, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, age, position, mental and physical health, religion and belief, socio-economic class and family structure. With imagination and communication, we strive to fully understand our diversity, and cherish its contribution to a fertile campus culture.
  2. We respect the rights, personality and individuality of every member of our community. In order to ensure an environment where each of us can achieve individual goals, we seek to maintain equity and justice in our community, fulfilling the responsibilities associated with our respective positions.
  3. We affirm that the different ways of thinking and various experiences of our community members support multi-faceted perspectives and unique approaches. Through sharing issues and ideas, discussion with mutual respect, and collegiality, we will propel the co-creation of new value.