Fundamental goals

NAIST promotes the exploration and interdisciplinary development of research related to the three foundational fields of science and technology: information, biological and materials science, while developing human resources through advanced education based on outstanding research achievements. Through this, NAIST has actively pursued education, research and collaboration with society to contribute to the advancement of science and technology and overall societal development.
In the 3rd phase of the Medium-term Goals and Plans, NAIST will further improve its international competitiveness while restructuring the framework for education and research to respond to the dramatic developments of science and technology and future societal demands, in order to facilitate the interdisciplinary advancement of information, biological and materials science. NAIST has established the following fundamental goals in order to lead the progression of advanced science and technology as an international education and research hub.

  1. Promotion of research expanding the forefronts of science and technology
    Under a research structure that utilizes the strengths and characteristics of a compact institution which promotes interaction throughout the campus, NAIST will promote globally-recognized advanced research in the areas of information, biological and materials science, and their interdisciplinary fields, while pursuing the exploration and fusion of these and the pioneering of emerging research fields. To this end, a system that allows for the flexible reorganization of research groups will be established, and this will be accompanied with the further development and strengthening of our research prowess by continuing to assure faculty mobility and the active appointment of young, talented researchers.
  2. Implementation of education to foster human resources to solve current and future issues
    Building on the achievements of our innovative graduate education program and the strengths and distinct features of an institution focused solely on graduate-level education and research, such as the formation of educational programs without concern for traditional undergraduate fields and their boundaries, a system that facilitates the dynamic organization of a diverse faculty to promote educational reform based upon global standards will be established to implement education to foster human resources with "a spirit of challenge, well-roundedness, multi-disciplinary understanding, and a global perspective" that will undertake the solving current and future issues and the future developments of advanced science and technology.
  3. The realization of a global campus
    With the strategic acceptance of international students and researchers, the diverse population of students, researchers, faculty and staff from various cultures and regions will study and perform research together in a unique global campus, while the establishment of education and research networks with NAIST's overseas partner institutions will be furthered to center the campus as an international hub for brain circulation.
  4. Societal contributions, etc.
    Through the achievements of various, highly-constructive industry-government-academia collaboration activities and the human resource development performed in collaboration with industry, etc. that has been executed since NAIST's establishment, close collaboration and cooperation with off-campus individuals, groups, and organizations will be promoted for societal development and cultural creation.