Fundamental goals

NAIST promotes the exploration and interdisciplinary development of research related to the three foundational fields of science and technology: information, biological and materials science, while developing human resources through advanced education based on outstanding research achievements. Through this, NAIST has actively pursued education, research and collaboration with society to contribute to the advancement of science and technology and overall societal development.
In the 4th phase of the Medium-term Goals and Plans, NAIST will further promote problem-solving fusion research across academic disciplines and cultures under flexible and robust corporate management and administration with the keyword "Co-creation" that respects diversity based on the "President's Vision 2030" announced in April 2021. NAIST will also promote world-class advanced research that contributes to solving global issues such as the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the realization of a decarbonized society, and contribute to the creation of new knowledge and innovations that promote a virtuous economic cycle and social change. In addition, to sustainably develop and pass on education and research activities, we will organically and flexibly apply the results of cutting-edge research in our educational activities, and nurture global leading human resources who will create next-generation value.

  1. Evolving a graduate school model where future innovators and leaders are nurtured through cutting-edge research training
    - By improving the campus research environment, we will encourage the diverse academic research of our faculty members, students, and researchers. Our research excellence will attract more talent to NAIST and raise its visibility as a research university.
    - By promoting interdisciplinary research where students and researchers with different areas of expertise collaborate, NAIST will cultivate their ability to address global issues such as SDGs through co-creation across diverse disciplines and cultures. Our graduates equipped with multiple perspectives will lead value creation for the future.
  2. Development of a campus community that co-creates new value
    - We will revitalize our institutional management and the campus community by reforming the NAIST administrative system for gathering and discussing various ideas and opinions from on- and off-campus stakeholders regarding education, research, and operation/management of NAIST.
    - We will establish effective networks to disseminate campus news about the excellent education and research environments and the achievements of NAIST to our campus community and graduates. Community members' sense of pride and enjoyment in being part of NAIST is the base on which our brand identity will grow.
  3. Expanding co-creation with society
    - Aiming for innovations that provide solutions for global social challenges such as SDGs and carbon neutrality, we will expedite information about our research projects, human resources, and research facilities at NAIST to construct new collaborative networks with regional communities and industry.
    - We will utilize IR to identify our strengths in research, education and contributions to society, and convey this information to each of our domestic and overseas stakeholders in order to build NAIST's brand identity.
  4. Institutional management reforms to build a nurturing environment for co-creation
    - To diversify NAIST's revenue streams, we will aggressively compete for grant funding and accelerate collaboration with industry and society. In parallel, we will actively invest in our campus education and research environments, which in turn increase our ability to obtain funding.
    - We will formulate and implement a campus plan to effect the digital transformation of education, research, and management operations at NAIST. A reinforced cyber environment that supports more efficient and resilient university functions will create a next-generation campus model without physical constraint.