The Institute for Educational Initiatives promotes education at NAIST by implementing basic policies regarding education, collaboration with educational institutions and companies in Japan and overseas, and consistent career support based on the ideals, basic policies, etc. defined by the institution.




As of December 1, 2022
Institute for Educational Initiatives (IEI) Director Executive Director OGASAWARA Tsukasa
Division for Educational Development Division Director Professor HASHIMOTO Takashi
Division Staff Associate Professor TERADA Naomi
Associate Professor Leigh McDowell
Associate Professor Paul McAleese
Division for Innovation Education Division Director Professor IIDA Hajimu
Division Staff Professor MITSUI Shoichi
Associate Professor NAKAGAWA Yoshifumi
Division for Career Development Division Director Executive Director OGASAWARA Tsukasa
Division Staff UEA (Chief) YAMASHITA Toshihide
Adjunct Professor SHINJOH Masako
Adjunct Lecturer HIGUCHI Hiroyuki
Division for Global Education Division Director Professor SATO Yoshinobu
Center for International Students and Scholars (CISS) UEA (Chief) Robert King