The Graduate School of Science and Technology has a highly organized educational program that focuses on the acquisition of specialized knowledge in information, biological and materials sciences, and their interdisciplinary fields of research, while also equipping students with the spirit of challenge, well-roundedness, interdisciplinary understanding and a global perspective necessary for human resources who will contribute to the development of the next generation of science and technology, and the activities and developments in both industry and society. With a strong emphasis on the interdisciplinary developments of existing research fields, programs with a high degree of flexibility and an interdisciplinary focus to accommodate students' career and future objectives have been established in the master's course, and programs focusing on the development of internationally adept students who are independent and self-reliant have been established in the doctoral course.

Master's course

  1. Implementation of introductory subjects to introduce the general science and technology trends necessary for studying advanced science and technology and holistically grasping them
  2. Implementation of balanced, multi-faceted subjects to provide basic knowledge of advanced science and technology and to develop comprehensive understanding for students from diverse fields
  3. Implementation of subjects to provide highly specialized knowledge of advanced science and technology
  4. Implementation of PBL subjects to develop the ability to grasp issues comprehensively, to discover and solve problems in cooperation with others, and to overcome challenges
  5. Implementation of subjects to improve the presentation and communication skills that are necessary to be active in society.
  6. Implementation of subjects to foster the ability to study and understand the issues and conditions that science and technology faces and the ideal relationship of science and technology within industrial and societal activities, through the cooperation of industry, government, etc.
  7. Implementation of subjects to improve the communication skills necessary for researchers and engineers, English for Japanese students and Japanese for international students
  8. Implementation of subjects to enhance ethical thinking and foster a broader perspective of trends in society that are required for researchers and engineer

Doctoral course

  1. Implementation of subjects covering state-of-the-art expertise in information science, biological science, materials science and their developing interdisciplinary research fields.
  2. Implementation of subjects to foster broad perspectives and comprehensive understanding based on interdisciplinary knowledge, and the ability to envisage their relationships with society including their career paths.
  3. Implementation of subjects to develop the ability to lead the planning and execution of research projects, to resolve problems and issues, and push forward the boundaries of science and technology.
  4. Implementation of subjects focused on the acquisition of presentation and communication skills necessary for successful international activity.

Admission Policy

Diploma Policy