As of May 8, 2023, the status of new coronavirus infectious disease under the Act on Prevention of Infectious Diseases and Medical Care for Patients Suffering from Infectious Diseases has been changed from Category 2 to Category 5 infectious disease.
 Accordingly, the level according to the Guide for Limiting Activities at NAIST to Prevent the Spreading of the New Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection (Formulated by the Crisis Measures Headquarters Conference on April 7, 2020) has been changed from 1 (partially restricted) to 0 (normal).
 Therefore, after May 8, basic infection prevention measures in daily life will be based on respecting independent choices and leaving decisions to individuals and businesses and the following will apply.

- Submitting reports to NAIST if infected with a new coronavirus is no longer required.
- Isolating if you have come into close contact with infected people is no longer required.
- Procedures for overseas travel that have been implemented as a countermeasure against new coronavirus infection are no longer required.
- In the event of an outbreak on campus, the disinfection work previously performed by faculty and staff at the outbreak site is no longer necessary.