Considering the continuous possible spreading of the new coronavirus internationally and domestically, NAIST has established the Crisis Measures Headquarters to collect information and work with other institutions to prevent any further spreading of the disease.
NAIST has already sent out information about the spreading of the new coronavirus and influenza from the Health Care Center and also information about the raising of the infection danger level from the administration offices, but in order to further prevent any other spreading NAIST will implement the following measures and request your cooperation in these matters.
Please note that we will update or contact you with any further information, etc.

Message from the President
December 24th, 2021
To all NAIST students, faculty and staff

 With the winter temperatures dropping, NAIST will close for the end of the year and the New Year. For many, this holiday season is a time for going out and getting together, and, with the quick end to the 5th wave of COVID-19 infections, I am sure many of you have made plans for the holidays.

 On the other hand, we need to beware of the recent reports of the Omicron variant. While there is currently only a limited amount of information concerning this variant, its rapid spread overseas tells us that it may be even more contagious than previous ones. In fact, even with strict border enforcement measures in place for Japan, there are reports of domestic cases thought to be Omicron variant infection.

 At NAIST, we are continually looking at the developing situations and trying to take all the necessary preventative measures, and we would like to ask that, during the holidays, you also take measures to prevent the spread of infection and act accordingly to protect yourself and those close to you. Wearing a mask, disinfecting your hands and other basic preventative measures are now a part of our lives, but we would like to stress the importance of these once again.

 It is thought that the continuing emergence of variants is part of the process the virus weakening as it develops. In addition to this, oral medicine to treat those infected is being developed. As the fight between humankind and the virus continues, we shouldn't let down our 'shields', the preventative measures to protect you from infection.

President, Nara Institute of Science and Technology

In case you become infected
In case you have come into close contact with an infected person

◆Call Center(Coronavirus Returnee and Exposure Call Center)
※Please contact Call Center below if there isn't a hospital nearby.

① Nara Prefecture
TEL: 0742-27-1132 【24 hours a day】

② Osaka Prefecture
Health Center nearby 【24 hours a day】

③ Kyoto Prefecture
TEL: 075-414-5487 【24 hours a day】

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