Selecting Laboratories and Education Programs [Master's Course]

1. Orientation for Incoming Students

Please make sure you understand the curriculum, research activities, scholarship programs, and campus living in order to begin your life at NAIST smoothly.

2. TOEIC-IP Test

All incoming students are encouraged to take this test. Please take this opportunity to understand your English ability at the time of admission and to engage in your future English studies with clear goals. Your test results will be taken into account for assigning you to laboratories in the materials science fields.

3. Introduction of Laboratories

Laboratories for each field will be introduced over the course of three days. Please listen carefully to the work of each laboratory that you are interested in and think about which laboratory to choose.

4. Laboratory Visits

Students can visit laboratories by participating in their briefings, attending their office hours, or making appointments with them by email. This is an opportunity to directly visit the laboratories you find interesting during the introduction in order to ask professors and other laboratory supervisors for more detailed information about the laboratory or to discuss students' research goals, as well as to exchange information with senior associates at the laboratory.

5. Submission of Questionnaire on Laboratory Assignment Preference

Please submit the questionnaire to the office for the same subject area to which you applied in the entrance exam. Based on the laboratory introductions, select up to three laboratories. Please also state if you wish to continue on to the five-year course (continue to the Doctoral Courses) at this time.

6. Announcement of the Questionnaire Results for Laboratory Assignment Preference

Each laboratory will announce the number of students who selected it as their first, second, or third choices on the web so please use this information in order to complete your preferences for the actual survey on laboratory assignments. Also, students who wish to continue to Doctoral Courses (five-year courses) will be announced.

7. Submission of the Survey on Laboratory Assignment Preference

Please write your first to fifth choices based on your laboratory visits and the results of the Change of Field Screening.

8. Announcement of Laboratory Assignment Results

Laboratory assignments will be posted on the web in the order they are decided. Students will receive the results by email as well.

9. Selection of Education Program

Students are encouraged to consult their instructors in the order that they are assigned to laboratories and decide on their Education Program.