Q1Can I obtain the printed guidelines?
A1 No. You must download the guidelines from the website below;


Q2How can I pay the examination fee?
A2 You can select one of the following option to pay the examination fee:
*Please note that applicants are responsible for paying the processing fee, etc.
1) Payment via credit card
2) Payment via internet banking
3) Payment at a convenience store
4) Payment via ATM
※The processing fee depend on payment method.
Q3I have completed the registration of Online Application System.
Is it all I have to do to complete my application?
A3 Yes. Please register the application through the Online Application System. When you register your application you need to upload required documents.
If you pass the examination, you are required to submit original "Graduation certificate(degree certificate)" and "Transcript"(in paper form) in the enrollment procedures.
For more details, please refer to the top page of Online Application System and application guide, then prepare the necessary documents, etc.
Q4May I apply for more than one examination category at the same time?
A4 You may NOT apply for different examination categories at the same time.
However, you may apply for different examination categories at the different examinations. For example, applying for master's course (Spring Admission) of "Information Science" category at the 1st exam and "Biological Science" category at the 2nd exam is possible.
In case you pass the exams of both categories as in the example above, you're required to choose one category at the time of enrollment procedures. Since the 3rd exam is conducted after enrollment procedures, even if you apply for another examination category at that time, you will not qualify as a candidate.
Q5Do I have to take "Preliminary Screening of Applicant Suitability"?
A5 The "Preliminary Screening of Applicant Suitability" is the screening conducted prior to application for the entrance examination and examines whether applicants are qualified as candidates for the entrance examination. It is not for all applicants.
Please refer to the Application Guideline to determine which qualification you fall in. Then see if the qualification requires you to go through the "Preliminary Screening of Applicant Suitability".
Q6May I take the entrance examination in English?
A6 Yes. When you register Online Application System, please select "English" as the language you will use at the examination.
Please also note that you must write your "Research Proposal" in English to take the entrance exam in English.
Q7May I submit the handwritten "Research Proposal"?
A7 Handwritten materials are acceptable, but typed materials using Microsoft Word, etc. are preferred when possible.
Q10My Graduation Certificate is written in a language other than English or Japanese. Do I have to submit an official translation?"
A10 You may translate it by yourself.
Q11My university issues graduation certificates and certificated of bachelor's / master's degrees separately.
Do I have to submit both?
A11 Yes, you must submit both certificates.

Documents to Verify English Proficiency

Q13I am an English native speaker.
Do I need to submit a document verifying English proficiency?
A13 Yes. If you do not submit anything, your English score will be zero.
* It is still possible to pass the examination with sufficient scores from the research proposal and online interview.
Q16I haven't received the paper score of TOEIC IP test(mark sheet type), but I already got the PDF one. Can I submit the PDF one for English certification?
A16 Yes. We also accept the TOEIC IP score report PDF.
Q18Can a TOEIC IP test or ITP test score with limited use (eg: TOEIC IP test or ITP test conducted only for the purpose of an entrance examination of a graduate school other than NAIST) be submitted as application documents to NAIST?
A18 No. It is different from the general TOEIC IP tests and ITP tests conducted at the university or company. We cannot accept TOEIC IP test or ITP test scores whose use is limited to graduate school entrance examinations other than NAIST.
Q19I submitted the English score before, but now I have a better one.
Can I submit the better one also?
A19 Yes, but please be aware that we have the designated term for submitting English scores.
"Submission Form For Documents Verifying English Proficiency" should be enclosed with the English score.
Q20Can I submit the multiple kinds of English certificates?
A20 You can submit the multiple kinds of English certificates as they are stipulated in the guideline. In cases when we receive multiple English certificates, we will select the best score after comparison calculations.

Online Interview

Q23Which is preferable, a computer or a smart phone for the online interview?
A23 You can use either one, but a computer is recommended.
If you will use a smart phone for the interview, make sure to adjust the settings so you won't be interrupted by calls or messages unrelated to the examination.
Q24In what cases is the telephone used?
A24 We sometimes use the telephone to give technical support or to reschedule online interviews. If there are connection troubles, in rare cases the interview will be done by telephone.
Be sure to have the telephone you wrote on the Online Contact Information as "Phone available for calls from Japan on interview day" available.
Q25What is "Cisco Webex Meeting"?
A25 Cisco Webex Meeting is free software for video conferences.
You need to download the software to the device you will use for the interview in advance.
Please read the instruction.
<For computers>
<For smartphones>
Android OS: Search Google Play for "Cisco Webex Meeting" and download it.
iOS: Search App Store for "Cisco Webex Meeting" and download it.
Q26Can I check how to operate Cisco Webex Meeting by myself before the online interview?
A26 We are planning to provide opportunities for operation verification. Details will be announced to the applicants along with the examination voucher.
In addition to this, Cisco Webex offers a test website for both computers and smartphones. (
Please be sure to secure a stable Internet connection.
Q27How early should I join the meeting before the interview starts?
A27 A notice of the exact time will be included with the examination voucher. Please read it carefully in advance and join the meeting at the designated time.
Q28Where should I look at during the online interview?
A28 Try to look at the camera you are using.
If you look around too much, the interviewers may ask you to confirm whether this is to cheat or not.
Q29What should I do when it's difficult to hear the voice of interviewers?
A29 First, please try to adjust the volume of your device. If this doesn't work, please ask the interviewers for instructions.
If the interviewers can't hear your voice, they will try to contact you by chat, phone, e-mail, etc.
Q30What location is preferable for taking the online interview?
A30 Please take the online interview at your home or at the university/college you currently belong to whenever possible, securing a quiet space that others will not enter during the interview. If the environment is deemed not suitable for the interview, the interviewers may stop it.
※We will check the location you use from the viewpoint of fraud prevention with the video camera, so please be careful not to show anything which you wish to remain private.
※If you need to take the interview at a hotel, rental meeting room, etc., please confirm the facility's current information, reservations, etc. NAIST is not responsible for these.
Q31What should I do if I have problems with the connection on the day of the online interview?
A31 <Before the online interview>
Please refer to the notice sent with examination voucher. There is contact information for technical support.
<During the online interview>
Please wait calmly until the interviewer contact you by chat, phone, or e-mail.
If the connection trouble cannot be solved during the interview, the interview may be rescheduled to the later time or date. In that case, please follow the interviewers' instructions.
Q32Can I take the online interview with microphone and speaker built in the computer or smartphone?
A32 Yes, but there are some cases where it is difficult to communicate using built-in microphones and speakers in computers and smartphone. (i.e. poor sound quality, noisy echo, etc.)
It's ideal to use a head-set or earphones with a microphone, but if it's not possible, using earphones or headphones along with a built-in microphone will help you to avoid any trouble.

Only for Mater's Course Applicants

Q33How may I find out my entrance examination score?
A33 You can check your examination score through the my page of the Online Application System.
When you can check the score, we will notify to your e-mail address registered on Online Application System.
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