Application Guide for Chinese Government Scholarship Program at Nara Institute of Science and Technology

NAIST is calling for the candidate students who would like to be enrolled as a Chinese Government Scholarship Program Doctoral Research Student under the China Scholarship Council (CSC) in accordance with the following conditions and procedures.

1. Category and number of students

Doctoral Research Student
(To enroll in the doctoral course of NAIST to pursue a doctoral degree)

3 students (each academic year)

2. Enrollment period

October, 2024

3. Period of support

Within the standard terms of study of the doctoral course of NAIST (Up to 3 years)

4. Eligibility for Application

Eligible persons are those who fall under either 1. or 2. below and under 3. below as well, and who apply to become a Chinese Government Scholarship Program Doctoral Research Student under the CSC, wishing to enroll in NAIST to pursue a Doctoral degree, having already obtained consent from the professor by whom they wish to be supervised.

  1. Those who have completed their coursework at a university which the CSC stipulates and hold the equivalent of a master's degree.
  2. Those who will be conferred a master's degree from a university which the CSC stipulates before planned enrollment in the doctoral course of NAIST.
  3. Those who are eligible for either "Admission for doctoral Course" or "Screening of Specially Recommended International Students for doctoral course" for 2024 fall enrollment described in each guideline and have applied or intend to apply in the following application period.

    1 ) Admission for doctoral course (Fall enrollment, 1st examination)
      Application period : January 22 - January 24, 2024

    *You must complete the necessary procedure at least one month prior to the beginning of the application period (December 22, 2023). You will not be accepted if this procedure is not completed by the due date. Please see the following URL to confirm the necessary details.

5. Tuition, etc

Enrollment fee and tuition shall not be collected from the accepted students. Period of wavier for tuition shall be up to the standard term of study.
The examination fee shall be collected when applying for the doctoral course entrance examination.

6. How to apply

After contacting the prospective professor by whom they wish to be supervised and obtaining the approval of acceptance, applicants should submit the completed application documents.

Please refer to the following site to find the laboratories or the prospective professor.

【Application Deadline】
 January 26, 2024

【Submit to】
 International Student Affairs Section of the International Affairs Division

【Documents required】

  1. One Letter of Recommendation
    ● The letter should be written by the Dean of the student's graduate school or the applicant's academic supervisor.
  2. Certificate of expected graduation for master's course of the current university or certificate of graduation for a master's course of university graduated.
    ● If written in Chinese, attach an official English or Japanese translation.
  3. Transcript from the current university or university graduated.
    ● If written in Chinese, attach an official English or Japanese translation
  4. Copy of the e-mail or a document showing that a professor of NAIST has agreed to accept the applicant.
  5. Other documents NAIST deems necessary

7. Screening method and selection results

  1. Upon document screening in accordance with selection methods mandated by NAIST, selection of candidates will be conducted by the Educational Initiatives Committee.
  2. Candidates officially chosen by NAIST will be sent a Letter of Acceptance in early March 2024.
  3. If applicants pass the screening held by the CSC, they should submit the passing certificate for the Chinese Government Scholarship Program.

8. Security Export Control

At NAIST in order to assure that there is no obstruction of the maintenance of peace and safety internationally through the education and research activities of international students, etc., export security control is being undertaken in accordance with the "Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act". Please understand that there may be cases where you may be asked to adjust or restrict educational and/or research contents.

9. Other information

Applicants should complete the entrance procedures within the designated period.