Special Research Student (Request for Supervision of Research)

In the case of a request for placement of a student from another graduate university as a Special Research Student at our institute, permission is granted by the Dean of the graduate school concerned based on consultations between the two universities and faculty meetings.

Application Procedures

Before starting the application procedures, please contact the laboratory you wish to visit to obtain permission form the professor and arrange acceptance dates.
Applicants should submit their application, using the attached application form with a certificate of student registration, to our International Student Affairs Section by way of their Graduate University.

Term of Research

Ordinarily the term of research is one year or less. However, in the case of a doctoral student with special requirements with regard to their research, extension may be granted based on a request from the student's graduate university. Extensions cannot be granted to master's students.

Student Identification Card

Please submit a digital photo (JPEG) showing your face clearly once your application has been approved.

Tuition Fees

29,700 yen per month
* Students who meet one of the following may have their tuition fee exempted. Please contact us for further details.

  1. Students from universities that have an academic exchange agreement with NAIST.
  2. Students from national universities in Japan.

Examination and Entrance Fees

No examination or entrance fees are charged.

Bringing biological resources to NAIST

If you plan to bring biological resources from outside Japan (including your country) to NAIST, please inform the following contact point in advance. Procedures are necessary for the transfer of samples to Japan in compliance with any applicable national legislation and international treaties and conventions, such as the Convention on Biological Diversity. (Email: ip-3f[at]ip.naist.jp)

Application Form

Application Deadline
The application form should be submitted to the International Student Affairs Section 4 - 5 months prior to the date of acceptance. *For international students, it usually takes 2 - 3 months to obtaining a student visa.


While there are student dormitories on campus, they are for full-time, regular course students. (In some cases, entering the dormitories may be possible.)
We can introduce some local accommodations to Special Research Students. The average of the room fee is around 40,000yen - 50,000yen per month.

Leased Housing (Urban Renaissance Agency Housing)


Accepting procedures for Special Research Students
International Student Affairs Section: ryugaku[at]ad.naist.jp