1. Outline

Under this program, NAIST provides basic financial support (hereafter referred to as "the NAIST International Scholarship") to privately financed international students (international students who are not financed by the Japanese or a foreign government) with high academic ability and ambition. The NAIST International Scholar Program allows the recipients to concentrate on education and research activities in order to promote the globalization of education/research at Nara Institute of Science and Technology (hereafter referred as "NAIST").

2. Eligible Recipients

This program is specific to privately financed international students who have passed the Screening of International Students by Special Recommendation and will be enrolled in a doctoral course at NAIST.

3. Screening of Recipients

Screening is conducted by the NAIST Board of Education and approved by the President of NAIST.

4. Description of Scholarship

The NAIST International Scholarship includes the following:

  1. Overseas travel expenses from the recipient's country to Japan
  2. Employment as a research assistant
  3. Enrollment fee
  4. Tuition
  5. Other support deemed necessary by the President of NAIST

5. Admission Capacity and Term of Scholarship

  1. The number of the NAIST International Scholarship recipients is set each year by the President of NAIST according to the university's financial situation.
  2. The term of the NAIST International Scholarship is limited to three years from the date of enrollment in a NAIST doctoral course. However, support will not be provided during leaves of absence from school.

6. Miscellaneous Provisions

In addition to the terms specified in this program, other necessary provisions for the NAIST International Scholarship may be implemented by authority of the President of NAIST based upon mandates proposed by the NAIST Education Research Council.