Required Procedures at NAIST

Notice of moving out from student dormitory

If you intend to move out of a student dormitory, be sure to submit the Notice of Moving Out of Dormitory. You need to have your room inspected when you leave.

Procedures related to enrollment status (transcripts, degree certificates, etc.)

These documents may be required when you return to your home country. Please be sure to request them ahead of time.

Contact information in your home country

<This procedure applies to NAIST master's, doctoral and double degree Students>
The International Student Affairs Section will email the NAIST Alumni questionnaire form to the eligible students.
This information is required in case NAIST needs to contact you after you return home. Please also be sure to update your information if it changes in the future.

Paying dormitory and utility bills

Make sure you pay your last month's rent and utility bills. If you close your bank account, please leave cash to cover these bills.

Other Procedures Outside NAIST

Closing your bank account

Before you leave Japan, make sure that all automatic payments of dormitory, utilities and other fees have been paid and then close your bank account.

Cancellation of utility services (electricity and gas)

Complete the procedures for turning off your electricity and gas.

Withdrawal from National Health Insurance, and returning your Insurance Card

Before you leave Japan, be sure to return your Insurance Card and pay any unpaid premiums at the City Office. If you have overpaid on your insurance, you can obtain a refund at this time.

Return your Resident card

When you leave Japan, return your Resident card to the immigration officer at the airport.

School-related formalities for your children

Once you have decided on the date of your return, notify your child's school ahead of time and complete any required procedures.