Students who passedthe screening of Specially Recommended International Students can reserve a slot of this scholarship. Please contact us by the deadline below after confirming your eligibility as described below.


This is a scholarship program offered by the Japan Student Support Organization (JASSO) for privately-financed international students with excellent academic and character records who face financial difficulties.

Monthly Stipend

48,000 yen per month

Scholarship Term

From April to March (1 year) / From October to March (6 months)

Qualifications for Application

  1. The candidate must have a GPA of 2.30 /300 or higher in the previous academic year and maintain the same GPA during the scholarship period.
  2. The candidate must meet the required condition of Japanese or English languages under written the scholarship guidelines.
    e.g. Japanese: JLPT N2 or higher English: CEFR B2 or higher
  3. After the scholarship is granted, the candidate must agree to cooperate in the career path survey conducted by JASSO.
  4. Allowance (excluding enrollment fee, tuition fee, etc.) received by the candidate must not exceed an average of 90,000 yen per month.
  5. If the student has a financial supporter in Japan, his/her annual income must be less than 5 million yen.
  6. The candidate must not be receiving a scholarship that cannot be combined with other scholarships.
  7. The candidate must not be receiving support under JASSO's international students support program.


For students who will enroll in October: By the end of the previous April.
For students who will enroll in April: By the end of the previous November.


International Student Affairs Section: ryugaku[at]