NAIST students are issued a student ID card, which not only verifies your status as a NAIST student but also serves as an electronic key. This key is needed for: entry to NAIST's facilities before or after the normal service hours, namely between 7:00 pm and 7:30 am, and on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays; use of the automatic certificate issuing machine; and borrowing of books from the NAIST Library. You should therefore carry your student ID card at all times while attending NAIST. Your graduate school, year of enrollment, and student number are registered in the card, and card readers automatically scan this information to check whether you are eligible to enter specific facilities in NAIST.

  1. You should keep your student ID card in a case and carry it at all times at NAIST.
  2. You are not allowed to give or lend your student ID card to anyone else.
  3. If you lose your student ID card or your card has become unusable due to failure of the magnetic strip, etc., you should immediately report it to the Academic Affairs Section of the Educational Affairs Division. If the card reader does not react properly when you insert your student ID card to enter a particular building, call the Security Center on the first floor of the Administration Bureau building through the interphone, state your affiliation and name, and the key will be unlocked for you.
  4. If your student ID card has expired or you are no longer a NAIST student due to withdrawal or for other reasons, return your student ID card to the Academic Affairs Section of the Educational Affairs Division without delay.
  5. Protecting your card:
    Keep your student ID card away from strong magnetic fields or devices (e.g. NMR machines).
    Do not leave your card in hot places (e.g. in a car during summer).
    Do not fold your student ID card.

Student ID cards are issued at the Academic Affairs Section of the Educational Affairs Division following the entrance ceremony.